Hell Fest

What is Hell Fest about?

Hell Fest (2018) is a horror film that is about a group of friends who decide to all go to a horror theme park. This involves creepy horror houses, scary rides and a serial killer stalking his pray pretending to be an actor that works at the theme park! But of course, the main target that the serial killer is stalking is one of the girls in this friendship group, however her friends do not believe her, as all of the other staff members at the park are all dressed the same as the serial killer. Where will she hide? What will she do? Will it be too late when her friends believe her? Watch the film to find out! This film is currently on Netflix and is rated age 18. It was directed by Gregory Plotkin. It was created in the year 2018 and released in cinemas that same year.

Would horror lovers enjoy this film?

When we first saw the trailer of the film Hell Fest (2018) here at Eff Your Review, our first thought was “Hasn’t this been done before in the Funhouse Massacre film?” After watching Hell Fest, it turns out that the story line is different though, but not massively. However, the idea of a horror theme park is too perfect for some horror directors to miss out on, so we’ll let that part slide. The acting in this film isn’t too bad, but the film itself definitely isn’t memorable. We honestly had to watch the trailer again just to remember what film this was. Overall, we would say that this isn’t the worst horror film ever made, but it is very far from the best. This is the type of horror film that you could put on if your friends are round, or if you have your boyfriend/ girlfriend round to watch to show that horror films don’t scare you. Is it worth watching? Probably not.






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