The Reef

What is The Reef about?

The Reef (2010) is a horror/ thriller film that focuses its story line around a group of friends that all reunite and go on a boat trip for a couple of weeks. The adventure itself starts off great. They go to a beautiful island first where they all start to explore. The tide is coming in quite quickly though, so they decide to swim back to the boat where their friend is in control of, and head back. Whilst on the way back to the original place, the boat crashes, and completely capsizes, meaning that they now have two options. One, is to swim back to the island that they came from, however, they openly discuss that there are most likely deadly animals such as sharks in the water. The other option though, is to stay on the upside-down ship in hope that someone will soon rescue them. What do they decide to do? Will their decision risk them their lives? Watch The Reef (2010) to find out the answers to these questions!

Would horror film lovers enjoy The Reef?

The Reef (2010) is actually a really gripping horror film, with a story line full of many issues and worries to keep the audience entertained and interested throughout. The film is the right amount of time where it isn’t too long as well. We never thought we would actually be scared of the sea here at Eff Your Review, but this film did a really good job of making the audience feel as uneasy and anxious as the characters in the film. We certainly know that we won’t be going on any boat cruises any time soon! Overall, is this horror film worth the watch? Yes. Yes, it is. The film is currently on Netflix too, so if you have Netflix, it’s definitely worth putting it on! We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!


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