Don’t Knock Twice

What is Don't Knock Twice about?

Don’t knock twice is a horror film that is about a girl named Chloe and her boyfriend who hear about a scary tail of an evil witch who kidnaps people if they knock twice at her door. They then decide to knock on her house door, as she has been dead for a while now. Strange things start happening, and they begin to hear and see things that may not be there. Are they imagining it, or is this all really happening?

Would horror lovers enjoy this film?

We were almost certain that this was just going to be one of those cheesy horror films, with cheap jump scares and no actual storyline other them victims running from something, however we were wrong. Not completely wrong though, but for the most part wrong.

The scene that it shows when you hover over the film on Netflix, is by far the worst scene in the film (of the boyfriend on a video chat with his girlfriend), which is enough to put you off this film, but we certainly think that you should at least give this film a chance. Of course, the storyline is slightly cheesy, but it does it all pretty well. We definitely can acknowledge though that there are a lot of better horror films on Netflix to watch, but this will probably fill you up a bit with your hunger for horror. We wished that we could have reviewed this horror film higher, because there were a couple of genuinely pretty creepy moments in the film. However, we felt that they were just repeats scary moments from previous horror films, and it was as though the director thought to them self “what would be scary at this point in the film”, and then just threw it in there. Overall, would horror film lovers enjoy this film? Meh. Maybe some would, but we can’t see this film pleasing everyone. Unfortunately it is a very forgettable horror.





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