Hannibal (2001)

What is Hannibal (2001) about?

Hannibal (2001) is a thriller/ horror film that continues (not in terms of release date but in story line order) after Hannibal Rising. It has been seven years that Hannibal Lecture has escaped from the mental hospital that he was being held in. He finds out that Clarice Starling has been assigned to the case of bringing him back in, which makes him very happy. However, it is not just the FBI that are after him. Now that he is free, it alerts another person who he is wronged previously named Verger. The question is, who gets to him first? Or will he be able to out smart both of them? Watch the thriller/ horror film Hannibal (2001) to find out. Hannibal (2001) is not on Netflix currently, but the programme of Hannibal is, and so is Silence of the Lambs.

Would horror lovers enjoy this film?

We honestly loved watching Hannibal. Hannibal (2001) is the type of thriller/ horror film that uses a very slow-moving style through out. We understand that this film is not for everybody, as the pace of the film is not fast in the slightest. However, in our opinion, the wait is worth it. This film depicts one of the most accurate versions of a psychopath that we have ever seen. The narcissism, ego and charming nature of Hannibal fits perfectly towards someone who is very high on the psychopath spectrum, making it such a fascinating film to see. Warning though, there is most definitely cannibalism acted in this film, so we have given you the heads up, if you pardon the pun (he eats someone’s head!).

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Hannibal (2001) rating: 79%



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