Hell House LLC

What is Hell House LLC about?

Hell House LLC a horror film that focuses on found footage five years after the mysterious death of 15 people in a haunted house tour. This footage is found from some friends who decide that they want to open up a haunted house tour. They realise though (by living in a part of the haunted house that isn’t in the tour) that they may not be alone in this house. We can see from the found footage in the film that this is the case. Is it really a good idea for them to open up the haunted house tour with all of the scary incidences that occur before the opening day? Watch the horror film Hell House LLC to find out. This film is not on Netflix currently, but you can watch it on Amazon.

Will horror lovers enjoy this film?

The cover of this film looked really low budget, so we were actually really sceptical when watching this horror film. We didn’t think that it would be great, but we were so wrong! It was entertaining, scary (for the most part) and we would actually say that horror lovers will most likely really enjoy watching the film. As “found footage” horror films go, this one is definitely in the upper half of films from the genre. This film goes to show that you should never judge a book by it’s cover, or a film by its case! Overall, if you are a horror film lover, then we think that you’ll probably enjoy this film. This wouldn’t make it to Eff Your Review’s Top 10 Horror Film’s List though or anything like that, but still really enjoyable!

Eff Your Review
Hell House LLC rating: 66%



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