What is Gothika about?

Gothika is a horror film about a high up female doctor that works for a mental hospital. This doctor ends up getting accused of murdering her husband. The only problem with her being able to defend herself though, is that she can not remember the last three days, where the murder was taken place in. As a result, she herself becomes a patent in the hospital that she used to work in. She knows that she will have to find out what actually happened, and unravel the truths behind the blackout. Will she end up finding out the complete truth to what happened in those three days? How will she do this if she does manage to? Watch the horror film Gothika to find out!

Would horror lovers enjoy watching Gothika?

The film Gothika, is really good at making the audience just as confused as the main character is. In addition to this, the film contains some really scary jump scares, a very disturbing story line and many twists throughout. We would definitely suggest horror lovers to add this film onto their watch lists! We are not really too sure, but for some reason people just don’t seem to have heard about this film. Which is such a shock to us because of how much of a hidden gem it is! The reason why this film isn’t as popular as some horror films, may be because it was released in 2003 which was quite a few years back. However, we honestly loved it, and we suggest that you check it out for yourself!

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Gothika rating: 77%



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