Green Room

What is Green Room about?

Green Room is a thriller/ horror film about a small-time punk band that are touring around different bars and venues to play their music at. They end up getting a gig at a dodgy bar with a very violent and intimidating audience. One of the band members sees something that he shouldn’t have backstage, which essentially makes the group band witnesses due to the association. When the owners of the bar want to get rid of the band because they saw too much, this ends in a bloody battle. The question is, will they be able to get way from the people who know they saw too much? What is it that they saw? Watch the thriller/ horror film Green Room to find this out.

Would horror lovers enjoy watching this film?

I contemplated writing about this film for a while, because to me it really isn’t a horror film, and at the same time we are here to review horrors, however, everywhere I look this film has the genre of horror attached to it. The film itself is an incredible film, and I would highly recommend anyone watching it. However, there wasn’t that much “fear” in the film, as a lot of it was action. The suspense element is definitely what I would say gives it the title of a horror. If we were reviewing this film purely on “horror” then the review would be lower. If we were reviewing this film purely on “is it a good film?” then it would be higher, so we found a middle ground, as this is a horror film website.

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Green Room rating: 72%



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