Goodnight Mommy

Goodnight Mommy

Goodnight Mommy is a horror film about a Mother who gets herself face surgery. As a result of this though, she ends up needing her face being bandaged up. Due to this, as well as her peculiar behaviour after the operation, her two sons (that are twins) feel that they are not with their Mother anymore, but with an initially new lady instead. Her strange and creepy behaviour doesn’t help this idea either. This new lady seems to be a lot more stern and disciplined than their previous Mother, who was a lot more friendly and Mothering. This new version seems to be more like a paranoid, nasty and very cold individual who barely even recognises her own son. The question is though, who is this version of their Mother? Is it the same woman that the twins always new? Watch the horror film Goodnight Mommy to find out these answers.

Would horror lovers enjoy this film?

Goodnight Mommy uses suspense in a way that makes you feel that you are experiencing the same fear that the Mother’s children are. This is additionally done with many interesting camera angle shots, as well as an inclusion of very graphically disgusting and horrible to watch visuals used within the film. This is certainly a film that a horror lover could watch, but in all honesty, we would not put it on Eff Your Review’s Top 10 Horror Films List, or anywhere too close to there. Although, it is still a good horror film, we felt that it could have been slightly improved by another significant incident happening within the plot. There is a really good twist, but in the journey to get there, it is sort of the same stuff repeated. In all honesty, that is the only negative area that we could pick up on though.

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Goodnight Mommy rating: 70%



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