What is A.M.I about?

A.M.I (2019) is a horror film about an unstable teenager who loses her Mum and confides in an app on her phone that sounds like her Mother. She gets emotionally closer and closer towards this app. Soon she becomes attached to this app, as it brings back so many memories that she remembers and misses about her Mum. She ends up looking up to the artificial intelligence and listening to it like how she would her parents. Unfortunately, though, this cannot always lead to good behaviour. Before long, the artificial intelligence starts to encourage her to act out in ways that she normally would have done before. How far does this app make her go, in order to achieve what she wants? Watch A.M.I to find out these answers! AMI is currently on Netflix, so if you have membership to this then you can watch it.

Would horror lovers enjoy A.M.I?

This film was slightly better then what we originally thought it would be, but that isn’t saying much because we originally had quite low expectations. The storyline is more of an entertaining teen drama then a horror film, but overall it wasn’t too horrific. But it certainly was nothing special. The story plot itself actually had some comedic value, and made us laugh a couple of times. We believe though, that this film should not have labelled itself as a horror, as now we have to rate it as one. Unfortunately, as a horror, it did not make the cut. They should have gone down a more comedy route with this film, instead of entering a genre that they could not deliver on. We definitely wouldn’t be suggesting horror film lovers to watch this film, however, if you fancy a good giggle, maybe check it out if you are really, really bored.

Eff Your Review
A.M.I rating: 39%

A.M.I Horror Film Review




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