What is Rattlesnake about?

Rattlesnake is a horror film about a Mother and her daughter who travel across America to visit a family member. This is in the hope of starting a better life for them both. On the journey, the daughter gets bitten by a snake while the Mother is repairing a broken tyre at the side of the road and there is no one to help them in site. That is until they look around one last time and see a large trailer that they hadn’t seen before. In the trailer is a mysterious lady who is able to fix her daughter up, and recovers her as though there was never even a vicious bite in the first place. She discusses vagally a payment, which is clarified by a number of incredibly strange people telling her that she must take a life in order to continue the life of her daughter. Is she able to do this though in the time that she is given? How would she choose someone to kill if she does go ahead with it? Watch Rattlesnake to find these answers out! This film is currently on Netflix.

Would horror film lovers enjoy Rattlesnake?

This horror film isn’t too bad, but it uses too many over used horror type methods that feel out dated. Films like Paranormal Activity and this one just do things because they think they’ll be scary, not because of the story line itself is matching up with the imagery. This can be so frustrating sometimes. If you are an experienced horror film lover then it probably won’t play on your mind or anything like that. Overall, this isn’t the worst film to watch if you are playing it in the background whilst eating food or with friends, but we don’t think that this’ll be on any bodies top 10 horror films list anytime soon.




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