What is Clinical about?

Clinical is a thriller/ horror film about a psychiatrist that works with many patents towards helping them to live with post-traumatic stress disorders and many more mental disorders. There is one patent in specific though named Nora, who is more troubled then most. Whilst self-harming she tells the psychiatrist that her methods were not working, and attempts to commit suicide. This trauma stays with the psychiatrist, who works to understand what she may have done wrong. She stays away from the heavier cases of psychology work for over a year, until she evidentially decides to take on a new case. This is a case of someone who was involved in a terrible accident which disfigured his face, forcing him to have to live with people constantly looking at him in shock. He tries to recount what happened in the night of the accident, in order to understand how to live with what has happened. How does he manage to get through this? How does the psychiatrist get through traumas of her own? Watch the Clinical thriller/ horror film to find out. This film is currently on Netflix right now, so if you are a member of that service then you can watch this film on there.

Would horror film lovers enjoy this film?

After seeing this film, it became very apparent this it is under rated. The reviews do not match the level that this horror is at in any way. Clinical has plot twists, gore, psychological fear and brilliant acting. The story however, does take a little bit of time to fully get going through, but other than that we can’t really complain to much about it. Overall, if you like horror films (and especially psychological horror films) then you’ll probably enjoy watching Clinical.


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