Bird Box

What is Bird Box about?

The film Bird Box is a horror film about a Mother and her two children trying to escape to an area where they are safe. Where they are able to take off their blind folds without becoming a victim of what is happening in the world. Before they try to escape, they are surrounded by people in the same situation, who additionally just want the same thing. To be safe. If they take off their blind folds then they will become unable to look away from what is out there and it will force them to make others look towards it too. What is it that they are not able to look at though? How far will it go to make them see it? Watch the Bird Box horror film to find this out! This film is currently on Netflix, so if you have a Netflix membership then you can watch it on there. 

Would horror lovers enjoy Bird Box?

Bird Box had a massive hype around it, but unfortunately, we felt that it did not live up to this expectation that it had created for itself. The horror film itself, has a couple of very strange scenes when you see people become infected and change, but other than that we were unable to find any more horror within the film. We kept thinking that something scary was going to happen next, as we had only heard great things about the film, but then it just never did. If you are a horror fan, then you can probably go without watching Bird Box, unfortunately. 

Eff Your Review
Bird Box rating: 41%

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