What is Annabelle about?

Annabelle is a horror film about a pregnant lady and her husband, who witness a murder in the neighbour’s house. The murderers then get into their own house, and try to kill the pregnant lady by stabbing her. She picks up a child’s doll before doing this, explaining that she likes it. This is the Annabelle doll, in which the murderer’s energy is then passed into her after this tragic incident. After managing to recover from this, the couple try all sorts of things in an attempt to getting healthy and happy again. However, nothing seems to be working as things only start to get stranger and stranger. Electrical equipment starts up on its own, the doll (Annabelle) moves without being moved and the house ends up setting on fire. They move to a new location, but this doesn’t help and only makes problems worse. Even with the help from a priest, they can’t find a way to get rid of the horrible spirits that torment them. Find out what happens to them by watching Annabelle.

Would horror film lovers enjoy this?

Annabelle is the type of horror film that when you read the storyline you feel like you’ve probably seen hundreds of them, but this film STANDS OUT. At Eff Your Review we’ve seen hundreds of horror films, but this one in specific actually legit scared us. The jump scares were on point and pretty much every scene in the film that is supposed to be scary goes above and beyond what is expected of it. If you are a horror lover then this is definitely a film to add to your horror movie bucket list. Annabelle is also on Netflix, so if you are a member to this service then you can watch the film there.


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