Escape Room (2017)

What is Escape Room (2017) about?

Escape Room (2017) is a horror /thriller film about a group of friends who decide to go to an escape room to celebrate one of their birthdays. When they get to the escape room, they realise that the room’s traps seem incredibly realistic and begin to get scared. When they see their friends getting really hurt in one of the escape rooms traps, they then know that this escape room is in fact a trap and out to hurt them. They focus on trying to figure out how to get out of the escape room but not for fun anymore, but as a means to survive. How do they do this though? Do they manage to escape the escape room? Do any of them survive? Do they end up getting free in the end? Watch the horror film the Escape Room to find these questions out. Escape Room is currently on Netflix so if you are a member to this service then you can watch it on there.

Would horror lovers enjoy this film?

Probably not unfortunately. Escape Room shows people going through a lot of suffering, which is quite standard in horrors, but there isn’t anything else that is scary in the film. Other than the aspect of “it would suck to be in that situation” then there is literally no horror. There is a slight twist towards the end of the film, but when comparing this movie to films such as Saw (where characters are in similar situations of entrapment) then it really has no content behind it. We would definitely say that if you are a horror addict then you can probably go without seeing this film. It won’t keep you up at night that is for sure.


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