Annabelle: Creation

What is Annabelle: Creation about?

Annabelle: Creation is a horror film that is a prologue to the film Annabelle. Annabelle Creation focuses on what happened to the Annabelle doll in the past that made it originally an entity. The story is about an orphanage who are moving to a house where they are offered a stay by a man and his wife. They explain that their daughter passed away, so they miss the sound of children moving around in the house. The children are specifically told not to go into a certain room (the old room of the passed away daughter), but when one of the girls in the orphanage ends up going in, she seems so much more than she ever thought she would. What could this be? What is Annabelle’s history? Watch the horror film Annabelle Creation to find out these answers.

Would horror film lovers enjoy this?

What can we say, the whole set of films from The Conjuring universe is fascination and scary to watch (for the most part), and Annabelle Creation is not an exception to this. In our (unpopular) opinion, we preferred Annabelle to Annabelle Creation, but they are both really entertaining to watch, and both have scary moments. We felt as though this one (compared to Annabelle) was creepier, but less overall scary. None of the jump scares petrified us, but it was a pretty good horror film. If you are a complete horror addict, then the jump scares might not get you, but if you are more of a social horror film watcher then this one will definitely scare you. We felt as though this movie was so almost at the level of fear that we were expecting within The Conjuring world. But it didn’t reach the high potential that we wanted it to.


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