A Stranger Outside

What is A Stranger Outside about?

A Stranger Outside is a horror film about a woman that gets fired from her job as a nurse. This is because someone else made a mistake, that she ended up getting blamed for. After no one has her back (not even her boyfriend) she decides to move on and look for some work to pay rent. She gets a job as a baby sitter for diabetic boy, but gets way more then she bargained for. After ordering a pizza, the delivery man seems reluctant to leave the porch, and then ends up returning with more money, explaining that she gave too much. He asks intrusive questions about when the family will return, how long she’s been there and much more. She continues to hear scary sounds around the house and calls a friend to stay with her. Will the sounds lead to anything serious? Are her and the boy in any danger? Watch the horror film A Stranger Outside to find out. This film is currently on Netflix right now, so if you are a member to this service then you can watch it on there.

Would horror lovers enjoy this film?

We believe that if you are a horror lover then you most likely won’t like watching A Stranger Outside. This is because the movie was more like watching a thriller then a horror. The film itself just wasn’t at all scary. Maybe if you are on your own in a creepy house and you watch it you might be scared, but you might be scared anyway in that situation. We felt that this is more the type of horror film that you’d see in the daytime on TV, and your Mother might be scared of after seeing it.


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