A Quiet Place

What is A Quiet Place about?

A Quiet Place is a horror film that focuses on a family that are hiding from monsters and cannot make a sound or the monsters will end up finding them. Of course, one of the children knocks over a lamp and that is the first incident where the monsters come. They have to be absolutely silent when they are doing their day to day objectives. Now that the monsters have returned, due to the sound of the lamp falling over, they are having to be more cautious then ever before. A Quiet Place is currently on Netflix, so if you are a member to this service then you can watch it there.

Will horror film lovers enjoy A Quiet Place?

A Quiet Place felt to me like an example of how frustrating it is when film lovers/ critiques watch a “horror film”. That is if you can call this film a horror film. This film is in no way a horror. There is a couple of very cheap jump scares, which I feel the Director threw in just to jump it from a 12A to a 15. This film is more like an action then a horror. It reminds me of the “Paranormal Activity” horror film era, when Hollywood first discovered a jump scare, and puked out of it’s financially driven, poorly stitched up belly, a ton of terrible horror films that somehow received incredible reviews.

I feel that I should really give more of a story line in this review, but really, if you’re a horror fanatic then just keep away from this film. If you love action films then you might be interested though.

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A Quiet Place rating: 29%

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