A Dark Song

What is A Dark Song about?

A Dark Song is a horror film that focuses on a devastated lady who wishes to partake in a spiritual ritual in order to bring her child back who passed away. She misses her so much that she is willing to do absolutely anything to see her one more time. Even if this involves doing black magic for this. She ends up finding a Scottish man, who claims that he knows this type of magic which can bring her daughter back one last time. She chooses to go ahead with this process… This film is currently not on Netflix, but you can watch it on Amazon below.

 Will a horror film lover enjoy A Dark Song?

The film is relatively slow paced; however, it is well worth the wait. The audience is taken on a journey that uses the fact that it is slow paced, as a way to make us understand the struggles of the Mother’s pain. The fact that the ritual (which is done by an alcoholic angry, rude and obnoxious Scottish man) involves not being able  to leave the house for a long time, really gives us a sense of desperation in the need for the Mother to see her child again. The character development is incredibly visual, as the audience are able to see the lady becoming more and more frustrated and angry at the Scots man. She gets frustrated to a dangerous level, which really makes the film worth watching! But we can not tell you about that part, because it would be a maaaasive spoiler! This film is truly a masterpiece though. You gotta watch it if you haven’t seen it already!


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