What is Wounds about?

Wounds is a horror film that is about a bartender who finds a phone at his bar from a group of young adults. They were filming a fight that kicked off there, between the bartender’s friend and his friends. After taking the phone home, his girlfriend has some questions as to why he has a female’s phone. He ends up checking the phone and realises that there are some very disturbing videos and images on it. Since he finds the phone, a number of very strange things happen. What could these strange things be though? What images does he find on the young adult’s phone? What happens when he tries to take it to the police? Watch the horror film Wounds to find out these answers. Wounds is currently on Netflix, so if you are a member of this service then you can watch it there.

Would horror lovers enjoy this film?

Wounds is such a frustrating horror to review. This is because it is soooo nearly good, but we just felt that it just didn’t quite get there. The acting is good, the movie is kind of creepy and it does have very strange moments in that are frightening, but it just doesn’t hit the level that horror is at anymore. This is why we couldn’t give Wounds a low review, but it just can’t hit above the 65% mark unfortunately. If you are home alone, and wanting something to watch something which will entertain you, then we could certainly see you enjoying watching this film.

We believe that the reason that the film doesn’t quite hit the mark, is because it ends so randomly. We can’t help but to feel that they cut off the story half way through it. If we were able to see more of it, then it could have brought it up, but it was just such a confusing and random ending.


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