The Hunt

What is The Hunt (2020) about?

The Hunt is a horror / comedy film about a group of wealthy liberal elites who hunt on American conservatives. A group of people all wake up in a forest with their mouths covered shut in bondage style equipment. They find a large box containing a number of guns, as well as a key for their mouths to be unlocked. They pass the guns around, but soon realise that the people hunting them have a huge advantage. Not only do they have cameras set up around all around the village of the hunting ground, but they also have all kinds of people pretending to be innocent when they are not. Do the conservatives manage to escape the hunting? Do they seek revenge? Watch the horror / comedy film The Hunt to find out!

Would horror lovers enjoy this?

The Hunt is definitely one of those films that are very enjoyable to watch. The film makes many references to some of the political conversations that are happening in today’s society, but manages to use comedy to portray them within the movie. This comedy was massively unexpected, as even just by looking at the trailer we thought it would be majority horror, however there was realistically a 30/70 ration. The 30 being horror and the 70 being comedy. If you are a big fan of comedy horrors, such as You’re Next and Ready Or Not, then we really do believe that you will have a lot of fun watching this horror! However, *SMALL SPOILER* we wouldn’t find ourselves getting too attached to any of the character’s if we were you, as this film really has a way eliminating them just as you start to like them! Overall, this is a really fun horror /comedy to watch, and probably our favourite film within the two mixing genres!


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