What is Within about?

Within is a horror film about a family that move into a new house to discover that the previous members of the house either died or went missing. They are worried that it could be something entering the property at night, but soon realise the problem is from within the house. What could it be that is coursing these disruptions? Could it be something that could harm them or is dangerous, or are they just imagining all of this? Watch Within to find this out! This film is currently on Netflix right now, so if you want to watch this film then you can watch it there if you have this service. 

Would horror lovers enjoy this film?

Wow, this film’s story line got really creepy out of nowhere. It went from being the type of film which was just a basic, cheesy, cheap horror film to something that really made us paranoid afterwards. There was unfortunately one scene that sort of ruined this film from getting a higher rating, but we won’t spoil the film, don’t worry! It basically just made the film quite unrealistic by the movement on a character. Although it was  doing such a great job before this shot! Unfortunately though, within the horror genre all it takes sometimes is one unrealistic scene, or one character plot change to end up frustrating the whole audience. We’d suggest to definitely give this film a watch if you enjoy horrors. However, it wouldn’t make our top ten list though, but it is certainly at the top of the “average horror films” category. 

Eff Your Review
Within rating: 63%





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