The Purge (2013)

The Purge (2013)

The Purge is a horror film that was released in 2013. Unfortunately, we found that this film was a massive disappoint to us when we saw this. It felt as though the writers had come up with this incredibly creative idea, that there are no rules for 12 hours, including murder, and just went the worst possible direction with it. The film specifically focuses, on a family whose house gets broken into. To make the film even more atrocious, the house is owned by a property protector, who’s soul job is to make houses safe for the annual purge, which by the way, gets broken into.

The film made us most frustrated, when the son lets in a stranger into their home, on the purge, who is begging to come in. Due to this act of idiocrasy, there are people outside with masks on trying to break in, who are wanting to kill the first man who got in.

In conclusion, we truly believe that the idea behind The Purge could have been an incredible one, if the Director and Writer understood the correct places that they could take the audience, however, unfortunately it was not delivered correctly. Maybe if the next one includes some insane events that could be happing on this annual night, other than just one family in their home?

Would horror film lovers enjoy this film?

It feels like such a shame to say this, but we don’t think that horror film lovers would enjoy watching The Purge. This is because of the lack of exploration of this brilliant idea that was explored. The story line is very specific to one family, when they could have achieved a whole range of creative ideas from it. That is why we had to give this film a far lower rating then we wanted to.

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