The Ghost of The Amityville Horror House

The Ghost of The Amityville Horror House

Now it’s no secret that the Amityville house has had its
fair share on haunted tales. 112 Ocean Avenue in Amityville Long Island was the
house that involved the infamous true story of a man named Ronny Dafeo, who
killed his 6 family members. Two of which were his own parents and the
remaining four being his siblings. He did this with a shotgun, but allegedly
claimed that he said to murder him due to the voices that he heard.

The next family to live in the Amityville house after these murders, was George and Kathy Lutz and their three children. After just a few weeks of living there, they ran out of the property without any of their belongings. The story says that they saw the walls oozing in green slime, constantly hearing voices and screaming, Kathy levitating from her bed, eyes peering into the house from the outside as well as a constant foul smelling oder. In all honesty, if just one of those things happened to me I’d be terrified. George additionally explained that he would wake up at 3.15 am every morning, which was around the same time at the 6 people were previously killed at. With all of this unexplainable activity going on, George and Kathy Lutz looked for help from the police, the church and paranormal investigators. Whilst the paranormal investigators examined the property, they set up several inferred cameras to captured anything that moved in the night whilst they attempted to sleep. 

There are a number of eerie pictures that came from this camera, but without a doubt the scariest is this one. Nobody was there when this picture was taken, which suggests it could be a ghost. Many people have speculated that the ghost seen in this picture looks almost identical to John Dafeo, the younger brother of Ronny Defayo who was the man that murdered the 6 members of his family.

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