The Invitation

What is The Invitation about?

The Invitation is a horror film about a couple who get invited for dinner and drinks by the guys ex-wife, and some old friends. They realise that everything is not as they remember, and things soon become very strange. The people that invited them start to speak openly about less common subjects to the party members. This includes subjects such as suffering, pain, and much more controversial topics. The couple start to get quite confused as to why they were invited to the party. In addition to the strange behaviour of the hosts, the couple start to notice that it is beginning to become harder and harder for people to leave the house party. Could this all be their own paranoia’s though, or is something strange actually happening in this house? Are they able to actually leave the house or are the situations that are blocking this actually part of a bigger plan? Watch the horror film The Invitation to find out these answers. This film is currently on Netflix, so if you are a member to this service then you are able to watch this film there.

Will horror lovers enjoy this film?

This is a horror that uses mostly paranoia in order to produce horror. The paranoia itself is quite well done, but the massively long build up ruins this. We felt that there was a large build up for an incredibly cliché ending. If there is nothing else on, and this is on the TV, then maybe watch it. But it is not something that I’d recommend to anyone that they have to watch. As a horror film, or even a thriller, we just felt like it was the first ending that they could have thought of, with a slight twist added.

Eff Your Review
The Invitation rating: 44%



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