The Killing of a Sacred Deer

What is The Killing of a Sacred Deer about?

The Killing of a Sacred Deer is a horror film about a Father named Dr Steven Murphy who is a doctor with a family. He regularly hands out with a strange boy on his lunch or after work, who often asks when he is coming to visit his Mother. He helps the boy out with advice and money regularly, but he is very strict on him not being involved within his family or his work situations. Unfortunately though, Dr Steven Murphy has a past situation in his doctor career that he is ashamed of, but he soon realises that his past is eventually coming back to haunt him. The boy is fully aware of the doctors dark past situation, as it effected him the most out of any body. The question is, how bad is this past? What could these consequences be? How can he fix this? Watch this film to find out these answers! 

Would horror lovers enjoy this film?

This is one of those horror films that stay with you for weeks on end. The first time that we watched this film,  we really liked it. But the longer that it went on, the more we realised that we were constantly thinking about this film as it played on our minds. Even the members of Eff Your Review that weren’t massively keen on the film, eventually couldn’t help but to give it a higher rating because of the effect that it had on them afterwards. The film uses paranoia within a family dynamic in order to create the intense suspense that is felt throughout. The story line itself is truly an ethical dilemma, that makes you think constantly about the situation. If you love horrors, then you should definitely check this film out. It is brilliant, but in it’s own unique way.

Eff Your Review
The Killing of a Sacred Deer rating: 72%





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