The Catacombs Terrifying Lost Footage

The Catacombs Terrifying Lost Footage

In 1786, almost all of the cemeteries in Paris started to become full up. With no solid solution on what the people of Paris could do, their Government choose to act, and move all of the bodies underground into the Catacombs. This was a process that took over 12 years to do, and the result is truly terrifying. In many areas, all of which are off limits to the public, there are so many bones that they literally pile up and cover most of the area you are walking on. The owners of the Catacombs tours, where you can walk around and explore have claimed that no one has ever gotten lost in the Catacombs. By this, I mean that they’ve never been lost in the area of the Catacombs that the public pay entry to visit and walk around. But why is that? The area that tourists can legally explore is tiny in comparison to the 186-mile-long, full Catacombs. Only around 1% of the Catacombs you can legally explore, so most people that are eager to explore more of the ground have to do this illegally, and believe me when I tell you there is a whole wormhole of knowledge about this place that have to share with you.

There are groups of people that are passionate about exploring the Catacombs. They love the thrill and excitement of these underground, fascinating tunnels. However, they are all aware of one terrifying fact about this adventure that could result in death, insanity or serious consequences. That’s that there is no source of light other than your own. If your torch runs out of battery you will most likely die in the catacombs, with no one there to save you. Your screams will just be an empty vibration on the walls full of many skeletons, soon of which you’ll be a part of. As if this place, full of millions of dead people’s bones isn’t terrifying enough, I stumbled across something horrifying while looking into this topic, that to this day still haunts me.

It’s been known that people who explore too deep into the Catacombs to go missing and haven’t been seen again, which alone is beyond scary to imagine. An example of this is when Philibert Aspairt died in the Catacombs in 1793, and his remains were not even stumbled across until 11 years later, however an incident like this not only happened more recently, but was also recorded. In 1993, a man illegally exploring deep in the Catacombs got lost.

He was filming his journey, and in the video, you can slowly witness the man becoming more and more scared. His footage shows a lot of symbols and creepy paintings on the walls, which recent explorers have used to try to find the man down in the tunnels, but this revealed to be harder than they thought. The explorer appears to have seen something that makes him begin sprinting. He is truly petrified and drops the camera while running. An explorer on TV tried to study the part of the Catacombs that the man in the video was walking around. After looking around for 12 hours he was able to find the area, and almost became lost in the Catacombs. Their lighting equipment was running low on batteries, so they decided to go back.

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