The Berlin Syndrome

What is The Berlin Syndrome about?

The Berlin Syndrome is a horror film about a girl who finds herself in Berlin, after an impulsive plane ticket purchase to get away from her mundane work life back home. She ends up finding a guy that she gains a lot of feelings for. He is charming, smart and is able to make her smile. She ends up going back to his place, but after a while he soon turns out to not be as she first expected. What has she got herself in for though? Can she figure out a way to get out of the situation that she has found herself? Watch The Berlin Syndrome horror film to find out these answers! You can currently watch this film on Amazon (below). 

Would horror lovers enjoy this film?

This film is actually pretty intense. The Berlin Syndrome keeps the one story line exciting, by a number of different events that happen, each event holding great significance to the film. In terms of jump scares; there is maybe one or two, but this is not that “type” of horror film. This horror focuses on the story line itself in order to produce fear for the audience members, and it does a very good job in doing this. Throughout the whole of the film, The Berlin Syndrome was able to keep up that intensity through out, as well as keeping us worrying for the safety of the lead character. We would say that if you love horror films, then you should definitely watch this one. We think you’ll love it!

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The Berlin Syndrome rating: 79%





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