Seed of Chucky

What is Seed of Chucky about?

The Seed of Chucky is the story of Chucky’s child, who looks for his family. He evidently finds them, and figures out that his family are serial killers. They end up trying to figure out a way to transform their souls, from toy dolls into real life people.

Would horror lovers enjoy this film?

Okay, this film is absolutely HILARIOUS. We could watch this movie again and again. Just like the other Chucky films, it wasn’t specifically that scary, but the storyline, the comedy and the scripting is out of this world. We really wish I could review this higher, but like we said. It’s not really a “horror” movie, but just a brilliant one, and unfortunately we are here to review the horror aspects of horror films.

Eff Your Review
Seed of Chucky rating: 72%


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