Pathology (2008)

What is Pathology (2008) about?

Pathology is a horror film about a group of pathologists who all have one secret. They love playing a game. This game involves finding out how a dead corpse got like that. The question is, who was it that killed them? The film goes deeper and deeper into who might be the person or people that are involved with these graphic murders are, as well as what their motives could be. Could it be closer to them then they may think though? Who could be the murder and why are they doing this? Watch the horror film Pathology to find out these answers. This film is currently not on Netflix, but you can watch it on Amazon.

Would horror lovers enjoy this film?

Pathology is the type of film that we went into watching having quite a low expectation of it, but we were pleasantly surprised. This film constantly keeps you entertained. We found ourselves not being able to look away, because each scene just gets crazier and crazier. Overall we can understand though that this film might not be for everyone. There are certainly a few elements that if you think into it could be quite unrealistic to happen. Additionally the majority of the horror in this film is based around human behaviour and gore, so if those are the types of elements in a horror film that you don’t like then you should probably keep away from this one. We personally did quite enjoy it though, and overall we think that most horror lovers will. Definitely check it out and let us know on social media what you thought of it!

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Pathology (2008) rating: 71%



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