Happy Death Day

What is Happy Death Day about?

Happy Death Day is a horror film about a girl who wakes up after a night out in school, not remembering much from the night before. She then realises that someone is trying to kill her, and after every day, each time she dies she has to repeat the same day. She understands that in order to stop this from happening, she has to find out who her killer is, and how to stop this. Does she end up figuring out who the killer is though? Does her situation involving her repeating every single day, again and again ever get sorted? What does she do in order to figure out this whole situation? Watch the horror film Happy Death Day in order to find out these answers!

Would horror lovers enjoy this film?

This film was so poorly put together within the story line. We don’t feel that story lines should be this outrageous (repeating the same day again and again) in a horror without it being able to explain why this is happening. The film was well shot though, well edited and the jump scares were okay, but the story line was just so silly and questionable that we just don’t think it worked well. Overall, if you are a serious horror fan then you can definitely go without seeing this film. If you watch horror films only occasionally with your friends then you can still probably miss out on this one. We unfortunately don’t think it matched up to what we’d of hoped it to be. 

Eff Your Review
Happy Death Day rating: 44%





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