Final Destination

What is Final Destination about?

Final Destination is the first film out of the franchise. It is about a character named Alex, who had experienced a vision about the plane (he was about to go on) exploding. Alex then freaks out and then leaves the plane with his friends. To surprise, Alex’s vision proves itself true, when moments later, the plane takes off and explodes killing everyone on that flight. Alex and his friends soon realise they can’t cheat death.

Would a horror film lover enjoy this film?

This horror film tells an interesting story and includes some mediocre acting. It is gory and believable, which is the fear that the film goes on, because the ‘accidental’ deaths could happen to anyone at any time. If you love horrors, then this film probably won’t blow you away, but it is a fun watch.

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Final Destination rating: 59%



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