Don’t Hang Up

What is Don't Hang Up about?

Don’t hang up is a horror film that is about two young lads who love to prank call people. They end up prank calling the wrong person however, who is full of hatred and seeking revenge. He makes them suffer for all of their wrongful prank calls that they have done in the past, by mixing their own personal life in with the sadistic punishment. This involves people they love, their friends and many more. Will they be able to escape this sadistic psychopaths evil games? Watch the horror film Don’t Hang Up to find out these answers. This film is currently not on Netflix, but you can watch it on Amazon with the link below.

Would a horror film lover enjoy this film?

This film is such a cliché. You can just tell that it’s written by someone who doesn’t know anything about technology in the slightest, or understanding how impossible it would be to actually get away with half of the stuff that goes on in this film. The jump scares in Don’t Hang Up are terrible and the overall horror vibe of the film is really, really weak. So to answer the question of ‘would a horror film lover enjoy this film’, we have to say no. We would strongly not suggest horror film lovers to check out this film, as we unfortunately feel that they will be disappointed with the cheesy story line and weak horror approach. Even the villain who is supposed to be scary is just annoying to listen to.

Don't Hang Up Rating:

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