Fantasy Island

What is Fantasy Island about?

Fantasy Island is a horror film about a group of people who have won tickets to an island where all of your fantasies can take place. The only problem with these fantasies though, is that they don’t always turn out as planned. The fantasy can only last forever if the person who chose the fantasy stays on that island. When the people who were invited to this island start to realise that their fantasies are turning nasty, they all find each other to figure out how they can make the fantasies stop. The problem is, none of them understand who’s fantasy they are living out at different times. Will they be able to escape this island? Can they get free from the fantasies? Watch the horror film Fantasy Island to find these questions out.

Would horror lovers enjoy this film?

The thing about fantasy island, is that on one hand, it is a fascinating film filled with interesting stories, comedy, darkness and suspense. But on the other hand (when analysing it from a horror perspective) it’s really not that scary in the slightest. In the discussion of “is this a great film?” then the answer would be yes, because we find it incredibly entertaining, but in terms of “a great horror film”, then the answer is no. If you watch Fantasy Island, then consider it more in a thriller/ adventure genre way, rather than a horror type movie and we are sure that you’ll enjoy the ride. If you are looking for a film to scare the socks off of you, then this is not it. If you are after a really cool and fun film to watch while having a friend over and get talking about it, then we think you’ll enjoy it!


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