Curse of Chucky

What is Curse of Chucky about?

One day a family receive a Good Guys doll in the post. After a tragic death of their Mother’s suicide, they decide to give the youngest one, it as a present. She soon realises that this doll’s name is Chucky, and that he can talk. He also does not like this family.

Would horror film lovers enjoy this film?

Curse of Chucky goes into more detail about the serial killer’s history, which I definitely liked about this film. Additionally, out of all of the Chucky films, this one was probably the “scariest” one. However, you should definitely take that with a pint of salt, as none of the Chucky films are really that scary. Overall though, not a bad watch, and it helps to connect a few of the loose ends within the story.

Eff Your Review
Curse of Chucky rating: 60%

Cult of Chucky

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