Dead Girl

What is Dead Girl about?

Dead Girl is a horror film about two teenage friends that decide to explore an abandoned mental hospital. Surprisingly, they find a naked, peculiar woman who has been tied up. They are in total shock at this, and at first they decide to keep it to themselves. However, once one of them decides to talk about it, and the word gets out around their school. Do they do the right thing and let her go, or the wrong thing? Watch the Dead Girl horror film after this review to find out.

Would horror film lovers enjoy this film?

Dead girl is quite a strange film to review. The film itself uses disturbing story telling in order to create horror and suspense. This is not the type of horror film that we would recommend to a friend, but certainly the type of film that we could have a conversation with someone about. If you are a horror lover like us at Eff Your Review, then you can probably go without seeing this one. However, if you are all out of film choices to watch one night, then you could maybe stuck it on to watch. The reason for this view point, is because this horror film felt more like a story that didn’t have that many twists or plot changes in it, then a story with brilliant turns and changes round every corner. There is suspense in some areas, but it didn’t scare us in anyway or make us jump out of our seats.

Eff Your Review
Dead Girl rating: 54%



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