What is Cube about?

Cube is a thriller/ horror film about multiple people who are trapped inside a gigantic cube, within a large number of other cubes. They have to figure out what they can do in each cube in order to finally pass threw in to the final one.  Each cube that they pass through has challenges and obstacles that get in their way. These challenges have the potential to killing them all, so they have to walk very carefully. They have to try to figure out also that they are going the correct way towards the outside of the cubes, or they will just end up going through the middle and potentially getting trapped there for longer then they can survive. The question is, how do they get out? Do they manage to survive this cube type prison? Watch the thriller /horror film Cube to find these answers out. This film is currently on Netflix, so if you are a member of this service then you can watch this film there.

Would a horror film lover enjoy this film?

The concept of the film seems quite silly, but it is actually executed quite well. The cube is a creepy film, where there are many dangers in each cube that they have to get through. Addition to this, all of the character within this trapped cube are in a bad mood with each other, so there is plenty of paranoia to add the horror aspect of the film. Now they have to worry about what each other might do as well as what they cube is capable of. We really enjoyed watching this film, and we think that you probably will too. Just don’t take it too seriously, because the concept is still a silly one!

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Cube rating: 64%



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