What is Chained about?

Chained is a horror film that focuses on a serial killer who kidnaps a boy (who is aged 9) from his Mother. He keeps the boy in his house for a very long time, using him to make sure that the house is always clean and his doors are unlocked as he brings home different victims each night. The film focuses on the life that they both share, as well as the desperate nerve-racking escape attempts that the boy (named Rabbit) tries. Does Rabbit end up managing to escape from the serial killers house? Watch the horror film Chained to find this out.

Would horror lovers enjoy this film?

We would not class it as being particularly scary in the conventional horror film sense, however as a viewer watching the film you do gain the sense of entrapment that the kidnapped boy experiences. The fear from this film is all about understanding the life of Rabbit, and how he tries to slowly figure out ways of escaping. He is there for such a long time, that tragedy additionally plays a strong part in this movies emotional feel. We feel for Rabbit as he becomes more and more broken down, whilst his attempts become less and less apparent throughout the time that he spends with the serial killer. We would certainly recommend watching this horror film. If you do like watching this film, then you should check out an article we wrote called ‘Are there any incredible horror films that I haven’t seen’, for more on horrors like this (that aren’t popular but are brilliant).

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Chained rating: 77%



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