Brahms: The Boy 2

What is Brahms: The Boy 2 about?

Brahms: The Boy 2 is a horror film that continues from the first film, The Boy. A family (a couple with one son) realise that they want to get away from their home, after a horrible break into their house. They get away to a guest house for a while, and while they are out walking in the forest around the place, they find the deserted main house. By the house they find a doll on the ground, which the son explains asked him to call it Brahms. Brahms starts to talk to him more though. The family originally like this though, because it gets their son talking (which he stopped doing after the burglary), but that is until they realise what Brahms is saying to him. Bit by bit Brahms protects him, talks to him and makes the son believe that he doesn’t need his family. He tells the son that he will murder his parents unless he plays with him in the main house forever. Does he end up getting out of this situation? Are his family safe? What could happen to them? Watch the horror film Brahms: The Boy 2 to find out!

Would horror lovers enjoy this film?

Brahms: The Boy 2 is one of the biggest let downs in horror that we’ve ever came across. Which is truly painful to write, because The Boy (the first movie) actually made it to number 5 on our Top 10 Horror Films Lists. *SPOILER* The whole fear concept of The Boy ideology is that the boy is actually real, and he lives in the house and controls the doll, but with The Boy 2 they somehow turned it into a super natural horror movie. WHY? Why ruin such a petrifying story line with something so easy and weak? The Boy 2 created this massive history of the house, attempting to make it like the story of The Amityville horror house, which doesn’t make any sense to the uniqueness of this type of horror. We were so excited to see this film, but unfortunately, we feel that they ruined the story and the horror aspect by taking an easy way out. If you enjoyed The Boy, then we believe that unfortunately you won’t like the second one.


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