As Above, So Below

What is As Above So Below about?

As Above So Below is a horror film about a girl who is in search of the Philosopher’s stone (a stone that can bring eternal life and wealth). She finally cracks the code, leading her to Paris where she must go incredibly deep underground into the underground caves to find this treasure. Does she find this treasure? What could it cost her? What does she find in these underground caves? Watch the horror film As Above So Below to find these answers out! This film is currently on Netflix, so if you are a member to this service then you can watch this film on there.

Would horror lovers enjoy this film?

As Above So Below’s story line is quite a silly one, and in the jump scares are quite predictable, but it is still strangely quite gripping. We’re not really too sure why though, but they did manage to get a few eerie moments in the film. The situations that they find themselves in would genuinely be scary if you found yourself in them too. There were a couple of scary moments in this film, and overall the film is rather entertaining. Horror lovers can probably go without seeing this film though, but if you only watch horror films occasionally then this’ll probably make you jump. Overall, it was not a bad watch and we did get pretty interested in the story line, but in terms of horror films, it’s not very scary overall. Closer to a creepy Tomb Raider then a genuine horror film.

Eff Your Review
As Above, So Below rating: 51%





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