Truth or Dare (2018)

What is Truth or Dare about?

Truth or Dare is a horror film that was directed by Jeff Wadlow in 2018. The film is about a group of teenagers that are convinced to go up to an abandoned area by a guy they just met. He convinces them to play a game of truth or dare, then explains that he did it because he is happy with people that he doesn’t really know dying instead of him. The group then find that they are all being forced into a constant game of truth or dare by something much higher up then them. What could this mean though if they don’t participate in the game though? Are they able to find a way to escape these challenges? How serious are the penalties if they don’t join in? Watch the horror film, Truth or Dare to find these answers out! 

Would horror film lovers enjoy this film?

Here at Eff Your Review, we felt that most of the good scenes were all in the trailer. This film was not as good as we originally thought it would be, although it was enjoyable and quite fun to watch. As horror films go, no, this is definitely not something that we would advise you to watch if you are a passionate horror addict. However, if you are having some friends round and want to watch something entertaining, then sure, we suppose this film could be quite good fun. But don’t take it seriously, because the story line is pretty ridiculous. I mean, a horror film based on the childhood game of truth or dare? Like what? Let us know what you thought on social media!

Eff Your Review
Truth or Dare rating: 38%





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