The REAL Nightmare on Elm Street Deaths

The REAL Nightmare on Elm Street Deaths

Have you seen the Freddy Kruger horror films, A Nightmare on Elm Street? Well guess what? They are entirely based on a true story. No wait, many true stories. When Wes Craven was asked about his inspiration for A nightmare on elm street, he explained that it was from the true stories that I will talk to you about now, from a magazine that he read previously.

In 1981 these four articles were published in the LA times. They all cover stories of people that has passed away in their sleep, but why is this information so important? They all died from something named Sudden arrhythmic death syndrome (SADS). This is a syndrome that means that you have died in your sleep from the fear that you experience during a nightmare.

One of the true stories that the LA times wrote, explains, that when a boy and his parents escaped to America from the Cambodian Genocide, they managed to find a place that they could stay. Not long after this, the son started experiencing the most realistic, evil nightmares where a strange figured man was chasing after him and trying to hurt him. The parents explained that their son had described something so cruel it would scare grown adults. He told his parents this, and they originally thought nothing of it, as everyone gets nightmares from time to time, however this was unfortunately very different. The boy managed to stay up for days, as he was too afraid to sleep but evidentially struggled too much to keep his eyes open any longer.

After having so many nights in a row of these same vivid nightmares, he gave everything to not sleep, but the craving become too strong and the poor boy eventually had to. The boy then passed away in his dreams. By his bed laid energy pills, coffee and an unexplainable, terrifying story. What makes this topic so scary, is the fact that this isn’t the only time that it has ever happened. The LA Times wrote about a number of these experiences that people had where they had passed away in their sleep after claiming they experience horrific nightmares of a cruel man trying to chase them and hurt them. In one of the stories, this even happens to a large handful amount of people at the same time. Is all this too much of a coincidence or do you believe it all to be something like the Freddy Kruger figure portrayed in the Nightmare on Elm Street films?

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