The First Purge

What is The First Purge about?

The First Purge is a horror film that is the fourth of the Purge movies. It is about the first time that the purge was created, when it was only on Staten Island. The First Purge shows how the political divide was first developed between those that are for the purge being a thing, and those who are against it. Before the annual purge night was full of murderers and evil people doing sadistic things, it started with a lot of people just wanting to party and take drugs which were legal. This film shows that element of the purge, with an addition of a psycho running around trying to murder random people of course… Although The First Purge is the fourth horror film in the series of purge films, you don’t have to watch all four of them to understand the story line in this one.

Would horror lovers enjoy this film?

We felt that the purge films were slowly getting better, but then they come out with this film. Literally the main storyline focuses on how there is not enough violence and horror, so they need to encourage more. One question.. Why? It is a horror film. There should be plenty of tension, horror, sadism, and activities that chill us to our bones. Instead we are stuck with a film that is a brilliant action movie, but a terrible horror movie. We do apologise for this rant, but we just get so excited to see these films, and then they always ruin it by bringing in politics and that being the focus, instead of focusing on scaring the hell out of us! Come on guys.

The First Purge rating:



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