What is Cam about?

Cam is a horror film about a girl who performs sexual and entertaining acts online for her audience. She is slowly growing her popularity within her streaming platform by pushing the limits on what she is allowed to do in order to increase her viewer base. However, when she can’t sign into her account, but the website still shows that she is actively online, she knows that there is a problem. She tries to get her account back, but it looks as though she is still online. This could either be someone who looks exactly like her, or something very strange is going on. What could this be though? Does she end up getting her account back and finding out what happened? Watch the horror film Cam to find this out. Cam is currently on Netflix, so if you are a member to this service then you can watch this film there.

Would a horror lover enjoy watching Cam?

Before we saw this film, we had the impression that it was be completely terrible. We were wrong though. It wasn’t completely terrible, but it wasn’t that great either. I feel like they took a terrible idea, and made it alright. We would not suggest any horror fans to watch this film, and I would not recommend this film to horror lovers. It really was just something to watch, and overall wasn’t too bad.

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Cam (2018) Rating: 52%

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