Are there any INCREDIBLE horror films that I haven’t seen?

Our honest expectations of Rob Zombie’s NEW ‘3 FROM HELL’ Movie

In the search for the next perfect horror film, it always shocks me how long it takes. I can be searching for hours and still not find one. So, to save you the time, we’ve come up with a list of truly incredible horror films that you probably haven’t seen.

With Rob Zombie’s new film coming out soon, we wanted to give you our opinions on the previous two films in the trilogy and what we believe you can expect from the third.


The types of people we HATE watching horror films with

Our favourite horror films on Netflix

There is nothing more frustrating than watching a horror movie with someone who constantly reminds you how they aren’t scared through out it. Read more to find out the full list of people that annoy us to watch a horror film around.

We all love sitting around, doing nothing and enjoying some good Netflix horror films. But what horror films do we think are the current best?