The Devil’s Rejects

What is The Devil's Rejects about?

The Devil’s Rejects is a sadistic, cruel and savage horror film. But we love it! Directed by Rob Zombie, this movie continues from the film “House of 1000 Corpses” which certainly matches the name. This film continues very smoothly, but offers a different type of edit style to the first, which many people enjoy. We certainly did. The film focuses on three family members using manipulation and aggression in order to escape from the police. They encounter many interesting situations which involves drugs, alcohol, kidnapping and much more.

Would horror film addicts love this film?

We truly feel that if you are a horror film addict, then this is definitely something that you would enjoy. There are no jump scares, but the cruelty of the characters, as well as the gore of their sufferers is enough for you to achieved your cruelty craving minds! But only if you are a sicko like us and enjoy this type of horror. If you rely on jump scares, scary monsters type horrors then you probably won’t enjoy this film as much as Eff Your Review did. The Devil’s Rejects is the type of horror film that is scary because of how serial killer- type evil the characters are. They find pleasure in sadistic behaviour and we can understand that that is not for everyone.

Eff Your Review
The Devil's Rejects rating: 88%



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