Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark

What is Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark about?

Scary Stories to tell in the dark is a horror /thriller film that is about a group of friends who find a book in an abandoned mansion. This is a book full of evil and petrifying stories based on people’s worst nightmares. The mythical tales of this book are terrifying, as the stories are so gripping and life like that it’s hard to tell if it actually happened or not. That is until the children soon start to see the book writing itself, in the ink best known as human blood. Are the children in any danger? What if the book starts talking about them? Watch Scary Stories to tell in the dark to find out!

Would horror film lovers enjoy Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark?

Scary stories to tell in the dark is a really, really, really good film, but not what we’d personally call a horror film. It is only just slightly scarier then Stranger Things. This is definitely the hardest film that we’ve ever had to review, because we can’t rate it too high as we didn’t find it scary at all, however the film was brilliant to watch and very enjoyable. We really wish that this film wasn’t advertised so strongly as a horror, because we believe that this could have been an incredible adventure/ thriller type film if that’s what they were going for. Would horror lovers enjoy Scary stories to tell in the dark? Possibly. But only because of the quality of the storyline, scriptwriting and cinematography. Not because of the ‘horror’ aspect unfortunately. If you are on the search for a quality horror film that is going to scare the living daylights out of you, then this is not the movie that you need to see. If your looking for a ‘fun’ film that’s kind of creepy in some areas, then sure, you’ll absolutely love this film!






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