Red Dragon (2002)

What is Red Dragon (2002) about?

Red Dragon is a thriller/ horror film about a serial killer who is metaphorically, but emotionally correctly to himself, becoming the demonic red dragon. He is very passionate with the murdering work of Hannibal Lecture, and writes to him regularly. This serial killer tries his best not to give into the urges of the red dragon, and goes to extreme lengths to not have to murder in order to build the strength of the dragon. Sometimes though, the extreme lengths are not enough, and he has to continue to build the red dragon stronger and stronger. The question is, does Hannibal use him to complete some of his own murders that he was never able to when he was free? How much does the serial killer trust Hannibal Lecture? How strong does the red dragon become? Watch the thriller/ horror film the Red Dragon to find out these answers.

Would horror lovers enjoy Red Dragon?

Red Dragon is a really well put together horror film. The film itself shows us the emotional struggles of the serial killer, and him at times, not wanting to commit the murders that he does, but the voices and urges being so hard to avoid.  In this film, Hannibal Lecture shows his infamous character too, adding towards the story line as we keep up with all of Hannibal’s angles in all of this. If you enjoyed watching The Silence of the Lambs then you will definitely love watching the Red Dragon. Within the Hannibal Lecture saga, this is must see! Let us know on social media what you thought of it!

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Red Dragon rating: 79%



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