Rec (2007)

What is Rec (2007) about?

Rec (2007) is a horror film that is a fictional, hand held camera story that begins with a reporter following the fire fighters’ lives at the fire station. The job involves a lot of waiting around with each other, until they get sent out on a mission to help out at an apartment block. Once they get to the apartment block, they soon realise that an infection is going around that people spread through biting each other. They realise this because of the crazy behaviour of some of the people in this building block. The police board them into the building of flats that they are in, in order to stop the infection spreading more and keep them isolated. Can they get away though from the infected though? How do they manage to survive in this secured place trapped within the infected? How serious is this illness that has taken over the infected? Watch the horror film Rec (2007) to find out these answers!

Would horror lovers enjoy Rec?

This horror film is surprisingly good. The jump scares themselves though were nothing special, which was a real shame because of how easy (compared to other types of horror films) it is to make well executed jump shares with a hand-held camera approach. Overall though, the film was really good, and we would definitely count this as a “pretty good” horror film, however, it didn’t leave us speechless at how great it was. In comparison to films such as 28 Days Later or Resident Evil, we would say that this zombie horror type film is scarier.

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Rec (2007) rating: 76%



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