What is Prisoners about?

Prisoners (2013) is a horror/ thriller film that is about two families who both lose a child through kidnapping. The families remember that there was a camper van just down the road of the house that they were all hanging out at. This is there only clue as to who could have possibly taken them. Whilst looking for the children, the police find the mysterious camper van and take in the guy that was driving it into question. The guy however, explains that he is innocent, and did not steal the children. He additionally explains that he was just hanging out there. The parents of the children though however, believe something entirely different and the Dad of one of the families will stop at nothing to get the information out of him about where his child is.

Would horror lovers enjoy this film?

The horror/ thriller film named Prisoners (2013) is quite a long film (around two and a half hours long in total), but the story line and twists are what makes the film worth the wait. The film itself takes you on a journey where you even start to doubt your own beliefs on the topic of what exactly could be happening with the kidnapped children. Prisoners additionally shows us the intense level that parents will go to in order to make their family complete again. This horror/ thriller film is genuinely really disturbing, and does a very good job at keeping you feeling gripped right from the very beginning. Would horror lovers enjoy watching this film? We really do think so. FYI, there are little to no jump scares, it is just the story line itself and the characters that are what make this film so frightening. It is definitely worth a watch if you have the time. We think you’ll enjoy it!






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