May 18, 2023

What is Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimensions about?

Ryan and Emily (husband and wife) and there seven-year-old daughter Leila are preparing for Christmas in their new house. They find an old camera, which can record the supernatural. They realise that there is Paranormal Activity going on in their house, after they hear Leila speaking to an Imaginary friend. They set up the cameras around the house, to see if they can witness what is going on.

Would horror lovers enjoy this film?

Possibly. Out of all of the Paranormal Activity films, this was probably the only one that made us nervous at times. The suspense was created really well, the jump scares worked well, and the overall story line didn’t frustrate us. We think that this is because the parents actually believe their daughter in this one, which is refreshing. Overall, we’d say this horror film wasn’t actually too bad. Shame about the others in the series.  

Eff Your Review
Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimensions rating: 57%